In dialog with The Norwegian Crafts Institute and the head of costume at the theatre, we concluded that the permanent in-house milliner position I was offered would only be possible if I could move my studio and the scholarship work into the studio the theatre was making available for me. We have also found that it would benefit both the theatre and my project if we could combine some of my research and practical work with the hats made for stage at the theatre. It is great to see the work being used; enjoyed by the actors and audience; and gaining information on how techniques I am developing and trying works during repeated heavy on stage use. 

The first period of my scholarship work was affected by the move of my studio and settling into the new situation, as well as trying to find the balance where both the theatre and my research were getting the correct amount of attention. As I am settling in, I see that it is enriching to the project having this collaboration. The challenges have been to restrict and to focus because of the vast number of possibilities.